Mom’s 80th
April 9, 2018

It’s pleasing to know that people actually read the blog because I get complaints when I don’t post every day now.  I didn’t post on Saturday or Sunday because we didn’t do much on Saturday actually.  Helen went for a run, Stephen & I played Twilight Struggle, we watched the first game of the IPL, we watched some Master’s Golf and we ate breakfast, lunch and supper. We did have a traditional Southern Shrimp Broil for dinner on Saturday which is slightly unusual given we are in England and not in Southern USA.  It is more understandable when you know that my sister and niece are with us too at my parent’s home but they actually live in Tennessee.

Yesterday (Sunday) was my Mom’s 80th birthday.  Before we headed off to Church we gave her the present that we had organized for her from the family.  It was a collage of pictures of all 16 grandchildren – pictures chosen by the grandchildren and all from when they were much younger (except the ones you are still young). 

We then headed off to Church and straight after Church we went to the Old Cottage Restaurant for lunch to celebrate.  My aunt and uncle who live in the UK (in Cardiff) and their 3 sons (my cousins) and one girlfriend, all met us there too.  And one of my parent’s oldest friends (Val) also drove down from her home and met us at the restaurant as well.  It meant there were 18 of us for lunch and it was good catching up with family. I don’t know my cousins that well because we have hardly seen them much so it is probably better to say I enjoyed getting to know them better.  After lunch it was back to my parent’s home for tea (as if we hadn’t eaten enough already at that point).

The day ended with most of us watching the Masters Golf tournament until the very last hole (it was one of the closest majors for quite some time). Unfortunately the guys we were routing for didn’t win and the guy we didn’t want to win, won.  Bit inconsiderate really given it was my Mom’s 80th birthday.

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  1. Thanks for the blog. There is a spelling mistake – “there 3 sons” should be “their 3 sons”, unless of course the Queen’s English has changed 🙂

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