Day 11 of UK Trip
July 15, 2009

I just love Caravan Parks with Wifi access.  Why didn’t some of the other caravan parks have it?  Only £3 as well – we definitely milked that £3 – 4 laptops all open and downloading emails, reading the news, getting the weather, playing games, uploading pics to the blog (there are some there now) etc.  This is what I call a 5-star caravan park – forget the state of the abolutions!

After some early mornings we decided to sleep in this morning and I got up first at around 8:30am.  Nothing like a full bladder to get you up.  As it was raining (again and just as I predicted in last nights Travelogue), I opted for the onboard option for early morning abolutions and was followed by some of the kids as well.  Helen went (despite the rain) to the abolution block.  After breakfast we headed out (at about 10am).  We continued West along the Northern border of Scotland.  It is very rugged terrain and despite the rain it was still beautiful.  The landscape is littered with sheep (I have to eat some lamb chops before we leave here).  Both Helen and I feel this side of Scotland is the much better side – if you ever come to Scotland skip the North East – it is not nearly as impressive as the North West.  Around lunch time the weather started to improve and the sun came out which made the landscape all the more impressive.  We followed the coastline until the road couldn’t go any further West and then we headed down South.

The road today was graded an ‘A’ road but for most of the way it was a single track road.  There are pull-off (or pull-over) places every 200 meters (or so) but it is still quite intense driving under those conditions especially when you are playing chicken with a truck to see who will pull off first.  Of course when I did that with a car coming in the opposite direction they just automatically pulled over.  Even though they tend to drive the single track lanes at 40 mph and above, we had no incidents or close shaves but it was hardwork for the driver.  I had to take a few breaks just to relax, stretch my legs and get in some fresh air.  We probably drove for about 100 miles on this road – as you can see quite a substantial distance.

We weren’t sure where we were going to stop this evening but headed for Ullapool.  Partly because we got their at just before 4pm and partly because everyone except Michael was sleeping, we decided to continue on and head for Gairloch which is on the North West Coast (parallel with the top of the Isle of Skye and the Hebrides Islands).  We had read in the guide book that there was (what sounded like) quite a fancy caravan park and so we went to it.  When we got there both Helen and I thought it was more like holiday park than a caravan park and that people who were there were not doing what we were doing.  It was also about 3 miles outside of town which means we couldn’t walk around the town.  So we headed back into town to the other caravan park and that is where we are now.  They only had 2 open stands left and we got number 2 which is overlooking the sea and only stand 1 is closer to the abolutions than us. Not sure why no one else chose it – it is even flat so no one gets to roll on top of anyone else tonight.  We have a round cheese which we use to check the levelness of the motorhome when we are parked.  Fortunately no one has eaten it yet otherwise our spiritlevel would be gone!  Tonight it didn’t roll front or back but it did roll (only slightly) from right to left.  This is the least of our concerns as it means that only Chloe is affected and she didn’t seem to care.

We went for a quick walk to get some provisions and found the local supermarket to much better inside than what it appeared to look like from the outside.  Despite it’s smallness, they must have stock a range of 30-40 whiskeys.  We got what we needed for supper and breakfast and then headed back to cook supper.  Our supper this evening was rice mixed with prawns, brocolli and peas.  Once again a really nice dinner given the limited facilities.

The rest of the evening was consumed by reading (either books or emails).  Chloe and Michael were first into bed at around 10:30pm but Chloe was still awake at after 11pm.  Stephen went to sleep about 30 minutes ago and Helen has just said good night.  It is now 12:15 and officially Stephen’s birthday – he is asleep so I don’t think I will wake him up to wish him!  The sun finally set at around 11:20pm this evening and it is now dark but it starts getting light again at about 2am.  Better get to sleep soon otherwise it will be sunrise before I have gone to sleep.

Cheers from all of us.

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