Day 18 of UK Trip
July 23, 2009

I knew that I would eventually forget to type an update before I went to bed and it happened last night.  So here it is a little late but at least you get to read it still.  I was awake and off to work again before anyone else in the flat was up.  Michael did wave to me from his bed before I left but that was the closer it came to having anyone awake.  I had a no-client day in the office so I was able to catch up on a lot of emails and internal work that needed to be done.  It is amazing that while I sit in London working I think of all the things that need to be done in SA and when I am in SA I think of everything that needs to be done in SA.  There must be some type of ‘Murphy’s law’ for that.

Helen and the kids went out to Little Venice yesterday.  Now most of you probably haven’t head of that – don’t worry – neither had I.  They took the tube to Paddington and then walked from there to Little Venice.  It is a series of canals and Helen says it is really beautiful around there and where she could live if we ever moved to London.  I can only just imagine the price of the houses!  They took a boat on the canal which passes under London Zoo and under the largest aviary in the UK (maybe even in the world?).  While they found it fascinating to see they all felt a little sorry for the birds who were so constricted in space (even though it was the largest aviary in the UK).  The boat trip was about an hour and went from Little Venice up to Camden Town.  They went to see the series of locks (canal locks not house locks for the ignorant types that read this – Marcus) and then had lunch at a pub in Camden.  They then caught the tube back again to the flat.  They seemed to have a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I got home at about 6:30pm and after playing 2 games of tennis on the Wii against Michael & Stephen (the result is of course obvious), we went out for dinner at the Spanish Tapas restaurant which is nearby (Janet – you know the place).  We ordered way too much but it was a really nice meal and then walked back and stopped in at Sainsbury’s to buy a few things to take back to SA and also to stock up on a few ready-made meals for me as I am back again in a week’s time.  Then the rest of the evening was spent packing.  A lot of packing still needs to be done but so far we have 1 suitcase full & closed, a new acquired backpack full of books (don’t ask how many books we are bringing back!) and Helen and the kids will have to do the rest this morning as I am about to go to work!

One last update will be sent tomorrow morning when we get home.

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