Island Adventure (Day ‘who really cares’)
November 19, 2012

I had my last meeting this morning which was from 8am until lunch time. While I was doing that Helen did what she has done all week – go and lie in the sun.  She objected to my blog yesterday when I said she has just been lying at the pool.  So I am going to correct that.  She has either been at the pool or on the strip of beach for the whole week.

The rest of today has just been spent loafing around and for me catching up on emails. It started raining at about 11am this morning so that forced Helen inside. She spent most of the rest of the day sitting in the lobby and reading (and I guess watching the passing parade). We fortunately were able to get an extension on our hotel room until 8pm (when our shuttle for the airport leaves).

So what are our thoughts about Bahamas (yes I said Bahamas not Bermuda or Barbados or any other Caribbean islands which is what everybody keeps calling them). I can’t see us rushing back any time soon. Mauritius is closer, nicer and cheaper. Here are my random thoughts:

1. The temperature never changes – it has been 70 something every day and night and it is humid
2. The wind never changes – it is always blowing and it is definitely more than a gentle breeze
3. Island time is a reality – everything here happens at the pace of slow, tomorrow is nog-a-dag as we would say in SA (@Josie get someone to translate for you)
4. It is ridiculously expensive (even the Americans said so) – I paid R20 for a small chocolate today, no meal has cost us less than R550 and that generally has been for just a main course and a drink
5. Drinks are even more expensive than the food but are generally better than food (Helen has tried most cocktails so she should know; I tried both local beers)
6. The food is pretty average – don’t come to the Bahamas for cuisine
7. Did I mention how expensive it was?
8. The people are generally quite friendly – but then why wouldn’t they be 50% of the island’s income comes from tourism
9. 5 days is more than enough time to become an expert on Bahamas – in fact 2 days did it for me
10. They love their music – it is always blaring out from somewhere
11. It is a real mix of culture. Probably more American than anything (and that is probably influenced by the cruise ships which come in every day – yesterday there were 6 of them in the harbour). But definitely also English (they drive on the left even though many of the cars are American left hand drive); Cuban (lots of cigars on offer) and Caribbean (music and people).

So if you haven’t gotten the message yet, we wouldn’t recommend you come to the Bahamas.  It sounds much better than it is in reality. If you want to spend lots of money go somewhere else rather.

3 thoughts on “Island Adventure (Day ‘who really cares’)

  1. I’ve enjoyed your travelogue. Years ago, when Hallam and I were just graduating, we had a summer holiday job cleaning arcraft at Gatwich airport for 3 months, and met up with other over-drawn students also needing to redress their bank balances. One was from Nassau and it always sounded so exotc. Most of the world would kill to come to Cape Town on a business course. Hopefully, you only had to pay for Helen. Btw, I like the bendy palm trees. Looks like Zandvlei. And as for nog a dag, it sounds rude.

  2. Awww…. I have just realised that that was the last posting. I was all settled down for another treat but you had clearly had enough. Still, I like your tales of airports, queues, and how fast you walk compared to the locals. Shame, I’ll have to wait. Thank you for having me, your dry sense of humour is very entertaining. Until next time…

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