Back in London
August 3, 2012

I have just arrived back in London. The flight over last night was not even full. We left late, arrived early at 6:45am. Hardly anyone at Heathrow and for the first time in a long time the Iris scanning was working as well. Straight onto a Heathrow Express to Paddington. No queue at the Paddington taxi rank. Where have all the people gone? The taxi driver asked me how busy Heathrow was and I said not at all. He said central London is also ridiculously quiet and he is struggling to get fares. He said there aren’t even any traffic jams. Why can’t it always be like this?! From the time the plane touched down to the moment I arrived at the flat took me 1 hour 10 minutes. I don’t think you could do it much quicker (especially at the pace I walk).

Off to work now for 1/2 day. Athletics tickets for tonight. First night of the athletics. Should be great. SA’s silver medalist long jumper is in action at 19:50 (20:50 SA time). I will be cheering for him! And to finals in the swimming tonight as well. Can Chad get us another medal? Tonight when I get home I will send another blog about the athletics.

Let’s hope it is another good day for SA (also on the cricket field!).

2 thoughts on “Back in London

  1. wow you on the ball hey, hope you have your placard ready so we can spot you in the crowd:-)

    enjoy this evening

  2. So glad you mentioned that athletics started tonight – I was just wondering when it started. I’m loving watching the Olympics. Don’t know what we watched before!! When are you back?

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