Olympics – Some interesting links
August 5, 2012

Before I head out to the tennis this morning I thought I would do a post on some interesting links/posts about the Olympics. The first is a recommendation to read another blog. This guy decided to put together a team for the Olympics from the Bible. Very amusing. Just to wet your appetite, here are some of the “team members”:

Peter: He cut off someone’s ear with a sword, so he would be a pretty formidable opponent.

Any event
Judas: OK, he may not win the gold medal, but we all know he’d do anything for silver.

There are some really funny ones if those aren’t good enough for you yet. Trust me. Read it. Link is:


The second link I am going to recommend is the BBC webpage. Now I know news pages can be boring but this one is quite cool. What you do is put your height and weight in and it tells you which athlete you are like. Maybe you’re going to be similar to a Kazakhstan Female Weightlifter (like one of the guys in our UK office) or maybe you can just lie (like another staff member) and suggest you’re Roger Federer or Sir Chris Hoy. Either way, it’s pretty funny and so I challenge each of you to post as a comment who you are most alike! I know you’re wondering about me – unfortunately no one as exciting as I would have liked – Luke Hall from Switzerland (swimmer I have never heard of) and S Freixa from Spain (hockey) – though I do look as good as him. Here is the link: 


4 thoughts on “Olympics – Some interesting links

    1. It is weekend Bryan! And I spent the day entertaining clients today from 9:30am to 8pm. Tough day at Wimbledon.

  1. I am most like:
    de VECCHI Manuel De Vecchi … nice site Peter!
    Also enjoyed the Bible Team – especially Song of Songs comment!

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