Day 19 of Romance Holiday
July 19, 2012

The problem with writing a daily blog is that when I am too tired to write it because I have worked the whole day everyone asks “What happened to the blog”. Well that is why yesterday’s blog is coming this morning. The additional problem I have is that there is not much to say because I went to work and the rest of the bunch basically went shopping it seems.

The tubes are getting a touch full now. Yesterday morning I had to take a running leap onto the tube to get in and then I was plastered up again three other people looking up my nose hairs. Fortunately none of them had eaten garlic the previous night and they seemed to have just taken their weekly bath (or they were foreigners) and so smelled ok as well. Incredibly there was a lady putting her makeup on still even in that crush of people. The tube usually empties out after 2-3 stops but while it did reduce yesterday it was still pretty full by the time I got to my stop (which is Tower Hill).

Now that is one thing I will never get used to. Every day when I go to my office in London I get a view of the Tower. The picture is the view I get of the Tower each time I walk to and from work. And to think that is hundreds of years old. Famous people (like Henry XIII wives amongst others) were imprisoned there. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1078 (and obviously added to and updated over the years). It now houses the Crown Jewels. As you can also see from the photo, it was raining again yesterday. That makes it 18 days of rain, 1 day of non-rain out of the 19.

The family went shopping at Hamley’s (biggest toy store in London) and all they seemed to do was buy sweets and have the world’s most expensive Milk Shake. The milk shake place had some ridiculous number of flavours to choose from. They then came through to see my office and have lunch. Of course the people who had the gold milk shakes weren’t hungry but the rest of us ate at Eat anyway. They then split up – with half going to Harrod’s (Lara, Chloe and Stephen) and the other two going to meet friends (mother and daughter) who used to live in SA (we met them through the school).

And that leaves today as our last day. If time permits I will try to write the blog before I climb on the plane this evening.

4 thoughts on “Day 19 of Romance Holiday

  1. I was just wondering when my daily fix was coming. Think I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms. Have safe flights home all of you.

  2. 2nd day of sunshine here in Cape Town , rain expected on the weekend……. Thanks for all the updates I really enjoyed them.

  3. Peter, I totally understand what you mean about never tiring of seeing The Tower. In the years that i worked and studied in the West End, I never failed to be awed by the sight of the Houses of Parliament just behind the big wheel (from 2000 anyway) to my left. Absolutely amazing.

    I used to work on the 11th floor in a building on the Museum of London roundabout and I shared an office with someone far more important than me. I also got to share his view (two walls of window) look over St Pauls and the City to the West End. I could have stared all day but they were awkward and wanted me to work or something.

    You’ve made me crave a walk along the South bank from London Bridge to opposite the Houses of Parliament, one of my favourite things to do with many of my favourite things on the way. But you say it’s raining so it wouldn’t be as awesome as it could. For me, it will have to wait til next year anyway!

    Bon voyage.

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