Etosha continues to perform
June 29, 2013

Despite not seeing any predators today, Etosha continues to impress. We went for an early morning drive to two waterholes. There was a reasonable amount of game around and we did a black backed jackal again (almost getting bored of seeing them now). We also addmum numerous birds to our ever growing list. We are now up to 97 for the entire trip and so hoping to clock over the 100 tomorrow. We did see the biggest herd of zebra I have probably ever seen – well over a thousand.

After we had breakfast, Stephen and I went to spend some time at the waterhole again in the camp. We saw some more birds and then a herd of elephant came for a drink. It was amazing watching their antics. Another herd also came down and there was a bit of pushing and shoving and trumpeting. They all wanted to drink from the same spot and they chased away any other animals you tried to dink including guinea fowl and impala. A kudua managed to sneak in for a drink while they weren’t watching. A solitary male arrived and he calmed everyone down. Quite funny to see him imposing his presence and how everything did clam down.

Helen and I went up before lunch and again saw elephants drinking. This was a bigger herd of about 24 with some of all ages including some really young ones. Their antics were also very entertaining. One of the teenagers was very amorous and wanted to mount another teenage female who was having none of it. She was more interested in chasing away the guinea fowl. Eventually she sprayed the male with water – aka cold shower!

We went for an afternoon drive down to the Etosha lookout. You can go about a km onto the pan. A freaky kind if feeling. Erie. Cannot post photos now as only access is on iPad but will try to post a few tomorrow. As we came back into camp we decided to go to the waterhole and watch the sunset. Stephen was smiled at and waved to by 3 young ladies. His response was ‘not surprising when you have his looks’. He seems to be a babe magnet even in Etosha.

At the waterhole it was quite when we got there but we were enjoying the sunset and so weren’t bothered by the lack of game. Then suddenly out of the bushes came a black rhino. It was very skittish and walked all around the waterhole (in the bushes) before finally approaching and having a drink. A great sighting and once again the waterhole delivers one of the big 5. Every time we go we see one of the big 5. Tomorrow we are hoping for some more predator sightings which have been sparse on this trip. But we aren’t complaining as we are thoroughly enjoying Etosha.

We had another braai tonight with our travel companions – the Reders. They had spent two nights elsewhere and rejoined us today at Halali. I am tired and my only connection is on the iPad and so sorry for no photos today.

Until tomorrow …. P, h, s, m, c


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