Luderitz to Fish River Canyon
July 6, 2013

We left Luderitz today in brilliant sunshine. It really was a beautiful morning as we headed out to the Fish River Canyon. The drive is about 400kms following the tar road until you get to Seeheim (which is really only a hotel but has very nice public toilets). We made a school boy error though in not filling up in Aus (the last major town) as there are no petrol stations to be seen from Aus (which is only 120km outside of Luderitz) and the Fish River Canyon. The Beast unfortunately drinks diesel as quickly as Germans drink beer so it was looking like the Jerry Can was going to come in handy after all.

At Seeheim we deflated our tyres again for the multiple time (that has somehow become Stephen’s domain) as we headed out on gravel roads again. The gravel road was very good until the very last section of the road (which was only about 10 km). The whole trip was pretty eventless and we arrived at our overnight accommodation (Canon Village – at about 1pm. There are 4 different Canon lodges here in the area and we chose the one that had space for us (best way to choose!). They are apparently all of very similar quality. When I checked in they told me that the nearest full station was back 20 km at their other lodge (Canon Roadside Lodge) and so after lunch we headed back their to refuel the Beast and use up the rest of our Namibian $. Most petrol stations in rural areas only accept cash so when you travel in Namibia you need to make sure you have sufficient cash with you at all times.

We then headed out to the Fish River Canyon. It is only about 15 km from the lodge. It is in the Ai Ais National Park though there really is nothing in the National Park that we saw.  In fact, the only thing we saw was a Rock Kestrel and a squirrel. However, the Canyon itself is quite impressive.  I have had the privilege of seeing the Grand Canyon and that is more impressive but it was quite easy to see how this is the 2nd biggest Canyon in the world.

We have just finished dinner at the lodge and it was really quite good.  You don’t really have any option but to eat at the lodge as there is other options within about 60 kms. They have their own vegetable garden (how anything grows here is amazing). We has cauliflower soup for starters followed by a braai buffet of Gemsbok, Lamb, Pork and their homemade wors (German style) with a salad bar (just plain straightforward stuff). It was all very good quality and the sort of food we all enjoyed. Once again I would recommend staying at one of their lodges (their are 4 in total) if you are in the area and looking for accommodation. They do (incredibly) have Wifi in the main lodge and so that is how I am hoping to post the blog tonight. I say, hoping, because it is really slow and there are a bus load of German tourists here all trying to connect with their iPads etc and some guy making a Skype call to his family! It is incredibly slow. And for that precise reason you won’t get any pictures tonight even though I have a few that would be worth posting. You will just have to go onto Instagram and search for #templetravels if you are wanting to get any visuals.

Until tomorrow ….

S (because he has birded with me the whole trip and inflated/deflated tyres), P (because I have driven around 4500 kms so far), H, M & C

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