Day 2 in Vilamoura
June 25, 2014

praia da marinaNo one was in hurry to get up this morning and by the time everyone was awake, fed and watered it was about 11am.  We decided to go to the beach and Marina. We parked at the Praia da Marina which loosely translated means Beach at Marina. We went down onto the beach and paddled in the water and then walked across the beach and onto the breakwater and then around the whole Marina.  The Marina is yacht (not the ones with sails – the ones with expensive multi-million dollar powered yachts) basin with numerous restaurants and shops around the edge. It doesn’t compare to the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town but it is still very nice. The predominant language spoken was definitely English. It is like being in an English speaking part of Portugal!

We came back to the house for lunch and just spent the afternoon relaxing aroundmarina the house.  Some went to have an afternoon sleep, some swam and sun tanned and some played or worked on their computers. We also watched the first World Cup game but for some reason the internet kept dropping the whole day so it was a little frustrating.

After dinner tonight we headed to the other beach on the west side of the Marina. It is the Praia da Falesia and to get to it you have to drive through the Eco area which is a wetland with apparently very good bird life. Being a birder I would like to explore it a bit more but I didn’t bring my binoculars with me this time but will do next time.

The sun was setting and so we messed around on the beach taking photos and selfies. Stephen & Michael have also been arguing who is the fastest for about 2 years and so we finally got them to actually race on the beachrace. Michael was the clear winner but Stephen insisted that it was because they were running on the beach. On the way back to the car they raced on the tar and Michael was a Usain Bolt length ahead of Stephen when they crossed the finish line. Finally we  know with certainty who is the fastest and so hopefully that debate is now settled. sunset on beach


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