Day 5 in Vilamoura
June 28, 2014

golf millenniumThe weather here is getting predictable. Another day with not a cloud in the skies … oh wait … I did see one this evening. A little wispy one. About 28C today with a light breeze. Perfect day for golf. Well, maybe slightly too hot, could have been a few degrees cooler. Michael and I did play a round of golf again today. This time at the Millennium course ( It was a much nicer course than the other one we played. What helped as well is that I had my driver back. Michael played his best 9-holes and best 18-holes ever and I played the best I have played for a few months (and certainly the best Michael has ever seen me play). All of that made us want to go back and play again (which I am sure we will). We also hit some mamarina sunsetssive shots today including the drives in the picture below.  I am standing next to Michael’s drive (about 275 meters and about 40 meters short of the green) and my drive is about 15 meters further up on the left. If you’re not impressed you should be because we were!

Helen and Mr Bluer went cycling around Vilamoura while we were playing golf.  We both arrived back at the same time having departed at the same time. We both enjoyed our sporting outings. After the cycle and the golf, a swim in the pool was a must to cool off and relaxing for the balance of the afternoon watching rugby (SA v Scotland) and the football games.

ice creams2This evening we went for a walk at the Marina to enjoy the evening vibe while the sun was setting. There were a lot of people walking around, having dinner and doing what we were doing – enjoying the vibe.  The temptation of ice cream was irresistible and after walking back to the car we decided to try and find the Old Town (which my Dad said is worth a visit). We have so far managed not to find the Old Town – we will need some more precise instructions from the wiser generation to find it. You would think you couldn’t find a part of the town in place like Vilamoura but we haven’t managed to. I am sure we will be impressed when we do eventually find it.

Until tomorrow …


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