Everyone in London
June 22, 2014

HLondon buselen and Chloe arrived safely in London. Took them some time to clear passport control and Heathrow and they arrived at just after 8am at the flat.  They were followed shortly after by our other SA friends (for those of you have read previous blogs – they are the Whiters). They were also on the same flight last night from Cape Town.  They just dropped off their luggage for storage purposes and they headed out for Oxford Street.  Helen and Chloe headed out a little later as well and met up with the Moyles’ ladies and went shopping. They were out most of the day and only got back at 4:30pm.  Who knows what the state of the credit card looks like after that (actually I do know and it won’t be good news). They also managed to take the tube in the wrong direction and visited tube stations I didn’t know existed (Olympia!?).

Michael had also gone out to Oxford & Regent Street.  Regent Street was closed off today for a display of London buses from 1822 onwards.  There were horse drawn buses up until today’s modern, part electric, part diesel buses.

Bryan Moyles went off to the Cabinet War Rooms (I highly recommend that as one of the best museums in London) as he had reached his shopping limit.  I hit that a long time ago and avoid the shops unless absolutely necessary.  Stephen and I just went and did some grocery shopping (mainly for lunch).  The rest of the day was consumed watching cricket and football (and we still have the important game of Portugal v USA to come).

Helen chiliWe went out for dinner tonight at a fairly local Chinese restaurant called Ken Lo Memories of China (http://www.atozrestaurants.com/kenlosmemoriesofchina/). We walked to it (about 20 minute walk there) as the weather was again perfect. The service, food and setting (and company) were excellent. Helen managed to bite into a chilli (thinking it was a red pepper). Hard to explain the reaction but maybe the picture does. That immediately kicked off hiccups. She finished off her water and then mine. When desert came she said her mouth was still burning.

I would like to blog about Michael and the toilet but I will just leave it there.  Ask him yourself to explain.  Pleasant walk back to work off some of the huge quantity of food we had eaten and then back to watch the end of Algeria beating South Korea.

Tomorrow we are flying to Portugal. I am just hoping they don’t get eliminated from the World Cup tonight as well. So far two of the three countries we are visiting this holiday are out and it would be nice to watch some football in a country that isn’t depressed!

Until tomorrow from Portugal …. P,H,S,M,C

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  1. Very entertaining, as usual Peter. Love the pic of Helen – captures it very well. I used to have an Indian friend at Uni who kept a bag of chillies in his coat pocket and nibbled them right down to the stork! I’m going to have to FB Michael!

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