Vilamoura Day 8
July 4, 2014

old courseAnother day, another game of golf. I got up at 8am so that I could have chat to my two direct reports whose last day it was in the office for a few weeks.  One is going on holiday for 2 weeks and the other is going on the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD (in Fountainebleau in France). That brings back memories because that was the first time I started blogging while away.  Helen went for another morning run which was pretty impressive because it was already warm at 9am.

Our tee off time was only 11:50am today and it was pretty warm by that stage.  Again impressively as we were leaving for golf Helen was heading out on her bike for Quarteira which is the town just next to Vilamoura (they are pretty much right next to each). Michael and I played another new course today – this time the Old Course ( It is the course nearest us. We could almost walk to it. Not more than about 2 minutes drive. It is meant to be a better course than the Millennium one we played last week but neither Michael nor I thought it was. That might have been related to the fact we didn’t play nearly as well as last week but it also might have related to the fact that there are thousands of trees on the course and they kept getting in the way of the ball.

It also might also have been related to the fact that we were stuck behind a 3-ball who played as if they were 90 years old but were in fact in their late forties. It is seldom that I have played behind 3 people who thought they could play golf but clearly couldn’t and took long about it as well. They parked their golf cart in the wrong place, they walked slowly to and from their cart, they took forever to play helen and chloe beachand shot and they played multiple more shots than we did. It was seriously frustrating at times and was a test of patience. But as someone once said to me, how do you learn to be patient if no one ever tests your patience. It was very amusing hear the 3 guys talk after the round while we were having a drink. They spoke as if they were pro golfers and hitting the ball a mile. They would hit two shots for every one Michael and I would hit. Their imagination was clearly running wild or the heat had gone to their heads or something.

We got back late afternoon but in time to watch Germany beat France. It was a lovely evening and we had dinner outside again and then Chloe, Helen and I went for a late evening walk on Praia da Falesia. It was pretty windless and a lovely evening and walk on the beach with my two favourite ladies. A nice way to end the day.

Until tomorrow …. P, H, M (because he plays golf with me), C & S (because he never left the house today except to take the rubbish to the bins)

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    1. And you have finally managed to make a comment! Can’t tell though because she is out running in what feels like about 26C at the moment and predicted to only get hotter.

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