We’re back (along with Shrien Dewani)
April 8, 2014

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. We spent the day in London.  I worked while the rest of the family slept (trying to catch up on the short night the previous night). Helen went out and did some shopping (she couldn’t let an opportunity go begging).

It was half-term in the UK and while that results in long queues at tourist attractions (such as Natural History Museum), it generally means a lot less traffic on the roads in London. We headed back to Heathrow at 6:30pm and while it would usually take an hour to drive there at that time of the evening, it only took us 40 minutes yesterday. It seemed liked Heathrow was a bit deserted as there were no lines to get through security even. Helen and Chloe did some more shopping in Terminal 5 and then it was onto our flight home.

The big news about the flight home was that we were sharing it with Shrien Dewani who is being extradited from the UK to stand trial for the murder of his wife in SA.  We never saw him on the plane (fortunately) and as we were first off in CT we also never saw him in CT airport either. But there were lots of people waiting to see him.  The airport staff were hanging around at the gate all waiting to catch a glimpse of him. When we exited into the arrivals hall there were also a lot of people waiting including TV cameras and reporters. Apparently his lawyers had requested no photos to be taken of his arrival – fat chance of that happening with everyone waiting armed with a Smartphone. These days there is no way of controlling that sort of thing as everyone has a camera in their pocket and can immediately upload the photo to the web.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful. I thought the service was quite good but Helen & Chloe complained that it was the worst service they have ever had on a flight. The air hostess clearly liked me more than them. Fortunately the movies had been updated on 1 April so there was a new selection to watch as I had watched everything I wanted to from the March selection.

Looking forward to being at home for a few days (only a few because we are away for a wedding this weekend).  Looking forward to home cooked meals. Looking forward to my own bed. Looking forward to driving my own car. I might even be looking forward to be back in the office tomorrow.

Until June/July ….

One thought on “We’re back (along with Shrien Dewani)

  1. A pity you weren’t on the same private charter! That would have made some very interesting reading!! Not that your posts have not been interesting, Peter! We were away in Knysna with no internet access and so only caught up on your TTs lately. But always interesting and amusing. Chatted to H. briefly this morning about Ground Zero (still not keen on that name) and she says I should hear your account of 9/11 from you. Must do. Till the next one!

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