Another day of loafing
July 9, 2015

Today was just spent around the Villa. Some of the group (including a bunch of my family anIMG_0762d their girlfriends) were meant to go riding. But the heat and the difficult roads around here put them off. My hard-earned money down the drain. Helen and Lara did go for a 5km run though and this time Lara was complaining about how difficult it was. It was considerably cooler today so it couldn’t have been the heat. This evening you might even be tempted to say it was cool – at least the drop in temperature persuaded both Lara and Olivia to wear long pants to dinner tonight.

We really didn’t do much today. Michael and Oli played tennis (and Michael has the sunburn to show for it) and there was some TV watching, some swimming, some napping and some eating done. All in all a quite relaxing day. The Temple siblings and parents had a meeting at 5:30pm to discuss how we would pay for the 7-days and which of our party we should sell off to finance the trip. That information stays on a need to know basis until Saturday when we leave.

IMG_0827Dinner this evening was prosciutto and melon as the first course, pasta with tomato & olives for next course followed by chicken and roast vegetables. The desert was fruit salad and ice cream. All accompanied by Italian wines from the region (Chianti Rufina) and finished off with the last of the Port I brought over from Portugal. This was a last meal that the chefs werIMG_0823e cooking for us and so we called them in and gave them a standing ovation. The food has really been fantastic. No one could go away saying they were hungry because there has been tons of food every evening with loads of leftovers (generally enough for lunch the next day as well).

The only issue has been the lack of ability for the young men to be able to get open a bottle of wine. Tonight it took of three of them and they still didn’t seem to manage.  Tomorrow might be a day of explaining to them how to open a bottle of wine – they seem to need it.  There has been much messing around of the younger generation and as I type this I can hear shouts of ‘ah’ and ‘oohh’ coming from above. Chloe and her cousin Kirsten seem to have even forgotten their own names and so had to apply them to their foreheads.

Tomorrow is our last full day together. It is amazing how quickly the time has passed.

Until tomorrow

P, H, C (because she sat next to me at dinner), S, L, M & O

PS: I was told off this morning for saying that the statue of David was 7ft when it is actually 7 meters. So here is the correction!

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  1. Oli and Lara could give the boys a lesson on how to open a bottle of wine. They were taught how to in preparation for their waitressing vac jobs. By the looks on their faces, they do not look very impressed 🙂

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