Last Full Day in Vilamoura
July 2, 2015

IMG_0723Today was our last full day in Vilamoura. Lara & Oli went for a run this morning and Helen chose to remain in bed (for the first time since we got here). It was again a little cooler this morning but by mid-morning it was mid twenties and by the end of the day it was just touching 30.

Michael and I had another round of golf this time at Oceanico Pinhal. It was the first time Michael and I had played it.  We have now played 4 courses in Vilamoura and still at least 3 to play. We prefer playing by ourselves but today we were paired with another father & son from Scotland. He was an ex-professional soccer player (played for Dundee United) and now works for Scottish Football Association. His son was about 10 or 11 years old and pretty small but he played remarkably well for his age (he out drove Michael on the first few holes). Michael played significantly better than the round earlier in the week and had numerous birdie opportunities (unfortunately he converted none). His best chance was on Par 3 (picture included) which was only about 1 meter away and unfortunately he missed the putt. IMG_0725

We got home to find the rest of them hadn’t left the house and spent the day tanning, swimming, watching TV, reading and sleeping. This evening (it being our last evening), we headed to the Marina for dinner. There are numerous restaurants at the Marina so the choice is whether you want to walk further or just take the first place you walk past. Given we were hungry we took the latter option and had dinner at the Mayflower Restaurant (not a very Portuguese restaurant name). Three of us at least had seafood (you can’t really sit on the Marina and then have steak but 3 of my family managed that) – the girlfriends at least know how to order seafood at Marina restaurant.

IMG_0732We had the mandatory after dinner ice creams on the way back to the car. We also spent 2 weeks here last time and despite my Dad telling us about the ‘Old Town’ we could never find it. He emailed this morning to say not to forget to visit the ‘Old Town’ so we figured we better give it another try. Thank goodness for Google Satellite because we used that and found it immediately. IMG_0734The biggest issue is that it is called the ‘Old Village’ and not ‘Old Town’ and so we had been looking for the wrong thing the whole time (thanks Dad). But we did find it tonight and had a quick walk around the area. There are some restaurants and pubs and interesting architecture. Now that we have found it we can give it a try the next time we are back. What was quite funny is that it was right next to the golf course that Michael and I played today.

Until tomorrow …

P, M (because he played golf with me and found the Old Village), H, S, L, C, O (while others tried, I think she was only the one that managed to insult me today)


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