Mobola Lodge
July 6, 2016

We left Camp Kwando after breakfast this morning but at least not before seeing two owls that roost in trees in the lodge (they were lifers for us). We were heading for the western side of the Caprivi strip to Mobola Lodge which is just outside Divindu. The lodge is on the Okavango River and about 250 kms away from Camp Kwando.

We had been warned that the two towns we would pass though – Kongola and Divindu – did not have significant shopping facilities and so we should try both places for any food. We needed to refuel and also had been warned that Kongola’s only fuel station was prone to run out (especially of petrol). As we pulled in there was a fuel truck refilling their tanks. They had diesel but the petrol had run out from the one pump and we had to wait for them to fill the other one so that Bryan could re-fuel as well. The queue of cars had built up significantly by the time we left (30 minutes after we arrived) but at least we had fuel. The shop though was a disaster and we couldn’t really buy anything.

To get to Divindu you drive through the Babwata National Park. It was about 150 kms of driving and I spotted only one left slight turn and one slight right turn over the entire 150 kms. Otherwise the road was dead straight and the speed limit was 100 km/h. It was terribly boring driving and absolutely nothing to see either. The guidebook said you would be lucky to elephant droppings on the road and they were right. I don’t think I even saw that.

We stopped at Divindu at a newly built supermarket. Don’t get the impression of a modern supermarket – that would be entirely wrong. It was a warehouse with shelves. Fortunately they did have some fresh bread at least though nothing else was fresh with the frozen meat having sell by dates of May on it. We bought a few non perishable things (like crisps) and a loaf of bread and headed on to the lodge.

The lodge is right on the side of the Okavango River. We are staying in a family chalet which is really nicely appointed and has a view over the river. They have a suspension bridge across to an island in the river and they have a small bar on the island. The view from the island across the main river is spectacular. They open the bar for sunset drinks (which we did). Fortunately the owner also has a well-stocked freezer with meat in it and so we were able to buy a kudu fillet from him and some other braai meat for this evening. The kudu was pretty tender and quite tasty. We all joined together for the braai (as we have done previously) and once again it was good company and conversation over dinner.

As I type this Helen is already asleep beside me and I can feel I will not be awake for much longer. The cellphone reception continues to be terrible and so I am hoping this posts quickly so I can follow her.

Until tomorrow … P, H, S, M & C

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