Vilamoura Day 3
March 28, 2016

IMG_1187It was Easter Sunday and we didn’t have any intention of doing anything in the morning.  Chloe though had bemoaned the fact that she never got to hunt for Easter eggs anymore as she was deemed too old so when Helen and I went to the shops we bought some for her and I hid them on Sunday morning for her to find. She was delighted with the unexpected surprise.

IMG_1551Helen went for a short run after lunch (you can pretty much run at any time as the temperature is always around 18-20 degrees C) and Stephen joined her on his skateboard. They apparently did 4 km. Probably the most exercise Stephen has had in months. Helen even tried out the ‘heated’ pool afterwards (we’re not sure the heating is really on though).

IMG_1189Michael and I managed to get our first round of golf in at our favourite course – Oceanico Millenium. The course was very dry and I was quite surprised by that as I thought that winter was their rainy season (as it is in Cape Town). It did mean that any shot you hit went about 20 meters further than usual as the ball just bounced and ran a long way. Some mediocre drives turned out to be great ones because of that. It was a pretty slow round as everyone seemed to be taking quite a long time in front of us and it meant we did a lot of waiting. Fortunately the clocks had forward an hour otherwise when we finished at 6:30pm would have been dark the previous day (or at least getting seriously dark). We didn’t play the best round but we were definitely improving by the end of it (hopefully our next rounds will be better).

Dinner last night of course had to be roast lamb. As we walked in we could smell the garlic that had been used on the lamb. (G & G would have gone in Anaphylactic shock had they been here!) We felt that ice cream and chocolate sauce as desert but had run out but we fortunately found an Intermarche open still at 8pm on Easter Sunday. I don’t think the Portuguese worry too much about public holidays and seem to open their stores regardless. Today (Monday) seems to be a normal business day here (or at least we are hoping it will be so that they fix our hot water problem).

Until tomorrow … P …. (and there are 4 other people here but they know why they aren’t getting their names here …)

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