Berlin to London
July 10, 2017

This morning we met Daniel (my nephew) at a coffee shop in his neighbourhood for brunch. It is an Australian coffee shop (underlines the multi-nationalism of Berlin) and they served a very nice breakfast (and the coffee was good to). It was raining when we left and we were waiting outside for our taxi to come when a lightning strike hit the telephone/electricity pole about 15 meters away from us. The thunder struck almost immediately afterwards (not surprising because the lightning strike was right there). We could actually see the sparks from the strike. It was the closest I have ever been to a lightning strike (and certainly don’t want to ever get closer!).

We headed for KaDeWe which is the largest department store in continental Europe and only 2nd to Harrods in Europe. The displays (from the food to the kitchen items to stationery) are beautifully done. It is really quite high-end in its range and prices but worth a visit if you’re ever in Berlin. Helen and I had visited the store 24 years ago and we bought a raclette machine from there so it also held some good memories (though Helen says she didn’t remember it at all).

Back to the hotel to pack up and head for Berlin Tegel airport for our flight back to London. Berlin Tegel airport is the weirdest airport I have ever experienced (and I have experienced a lot of airports). We had to check in a at section D which required us to walk through the whole of the terminal and then exit to get to D. We boarded on time but then sat on the tarmac for an hour due to air traffic control restrictions to due thunderstorms over London and the channel. We eventually landed at about 7pm UK time and got to the flat at about 7:30pm.

Michael rushed straight off to go buy an Apple iPad for himself from the Apple store while Chloe and I went to buy dinner from Waitrose down the road. After dinner, Helen, Chloe and Oli went shopping in Oxford Street (like they don’t have 2 days to do that!) tonight and just got back about 10 minutes ago.

I’m not sure about the rest of them but I am going to bed now!

Until tomorrow

P, H, S, C, M & O (straight back from the shops to insult me while I was typing the blog got her that position)


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