January 6, 2017

Today was residency renewal day. That meant breakfast at 9am and then a walk over to the lawyers office (about 20 minute walk). It was very misty this morning but not particularly cold (and I see as I type now it is becoming very misty again tonight). We got to the lawyers office at 10am and signed the necessary documents and then had to walk to the Home Affairs office. Home Affairs in Portugal is like anywhere else in the world. Basically sit and wait and do nothing. Our ticket was F33 and they were on F12 when we arrived at 11am. We finished at around 2:45pm i.e. 3 hours 45 minutes of basically doing nothing. Reading, Facebooking, YouTube videos, iPhone games etc. Fortunately we knew what to expect and came prepared.

Lunch at the Burger King on the corner which is now becoming a tradition.  3rd time to visit Home Affairs in Lisbon and 3rd time we had Burger King lunch. The day was basically consumed doing the renewals so we went back to the hotel for a rest. We went out for dinner at 7:30pm and found an Italian restaurant. It was definitely the worst food and worst service we have had since we arrived. The waiter was grumpy and unhelpful and the food was average at best. Not a great way to finish off our last night in Lisbon. I at least found a MacDonald’s on the way back to the hotel so I could get a Chocolate Sundae.

Tomorrow is a traveling day as we split up – Helen and Chloe going back to SA and the rest of us going to Switzerland.

Until tomorrow …

P, H, S, M, C, L & O

One thought on “Lisbon

  1. A pity your last Portuguese dinner was spoiled by poor food and service after so many pleasant experiences. I really enjoyed reading about your culinary details. I’m sure being back in Switzerland will make up for it; it’s a shame H and C can’t be with you….so see you in a couple of days, Helen and Chloe!

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