Kgalagadi Finished
June 29, 2018

Today was our last day in the park.  We left Mata Mata at 8am and drove down to Twee Rivieren.  It is 120km and we figured that it would probably take us 4.5 hours allowing for stopping for animal sightings.  It took us 3.5 hours because there were no animal sightings. That pretty much summarises the Kgalagadi in our view.  We have heard so many people saying how much they love the Kgalagadi and how great the game viewing is but besides yesterday (which turned out to be excpetional), the game viewing is actually poor. I think all the people who think so highly of the Kgalagadi have never been to the Kruger National Park or Etosha National Park or Masai Mara or Sabi Sands.

We did still enjoy our time but probably more so because of the company than the game viewing. I am not sure any of us would be rushing back to the Kgalagadi any time soon.  If we do go back I think we all concluded that our preferred camp is actually Mata Mata.  It is no doubt influenced by the game viewing yesterday but the River Front Chalets (while there is actually no river) are quite nice especially since they have a of the watering hole.

After we exited the park we headed to Keimoes where we are overnighting before heading back to Cape Town. It was about a 300 km drive and we arrived in Keimoes at 3:30pm.  We are staying at Die Werf Lodge ( Very pleasant setting with free roaming Springbok, a goat and a lamb (that is very tame). Stephen and I even managed to add some birds to the trip list while walking around their garden.

The Ws have left us as they are going to Augrabies for 3 nights but the rest of us are traveling back to Cape Town. We had dinner together in the restaurant. Speedy service is not what they are known for as we ordered at 6:50pm and got our food after 8pm! The food and drinks were very reasonably priced though – bottle of wine cost us R65!

We are all in bed already as we plan to be off first thing tomorrow for the drive back to Cape Town.

Until tomorrow …

P, H, S, M & O

PS: The photos are the Bitterpan views.

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