January 23, 2018

Yesterday was our first full day at Letaba.  Helen wanted to get in a run before we went out yesterday am.  Given the temperature is rising to around 35 degrees, you can pretty much only run in the morning. She managed to do just over 30 minutes by running around every loop in the camp. After she had showered we went out for a morning drive to Engelhard Dam. The bird life was again quite good and I managed to add 2 lifers (Grey Rumped Swallow and Common Quail) during the drive. While there was quite a lot of buck (particularly waterbuck) in the river and at the dam, the other game seemed sparse.

We spent the rest of the day in the camp. It was a low-key day with Helen catching up on some sleep, I managed to do some emails and CBD work, we did some reading and just generally relaxed. Exactly what I was hoping the two weeks would be like. We did a walk around the camp and walked to the shop for ice creams but no point in straining yourself when you’re trying to spend time relaxing.

We went out at about 4pm again and this time went to the southern part of the Engelhard dam. The road and views of the river are actually better and you can drive almost onto the river at some points. We didn’t see anything special and only added 1 new bird to the trip list.  It was only a two of the Big Five day – elephant & buffalo – so much slower on the game front too.

We had a braai for dinner (pork ribs) but that was probably a mistake as it took my temperature up another 5 degrees and given the outside temperature was 33 degrees at 6pm, it felt extremely hot. By the time we had washed the dishes we were ready to be inside with the aircon and we both needed a shower to cool off and refresh. Given the hard day (!) I just didn’t have the energy to do the blog last night which is why I am only doing it now.

Until tomorrow (or tonight) depending on how I feel!

P & H

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