Satara Day 1
January 30, 2018

I was pretty tired last night (entertaining the kids took it out of me it seems) and so that is why no blog last night. Just didn’t have the energy to do it last night. Not that it was a particularly busy day. We did our usual morning drive (though it took some effort to get the 4 young ones up so we could leave at 5:30am). We went down to the N’wanetsi picnic & viewing site. Unfortunately for the kids we only saw hyena (no other predators) on the drive.  It was overcast and raining slightly on the drive which should be good for seeing predators but the weather conditions didn’t help us.

We spent the day chilling in the camp. All the kids went back to sleep except Daniel when we got back and they slept to around midday.  Stephen and I went for a quick midday drive to the nearby dam (Nsemani) where we saw a few birds and some wildlife drinking but again nothing special.

Chloe opted out of the evening drive but the rest of us went however, we again, unfortunately saw nothing special. There are a lot of zebra & wildebeest around so you would hope that some predators might be around but if they were, they weren’t to be seen.  The book we own says that 80% of the wildebeest and 40% of the zebra in the KNP are found between the Letaba and Sabie Rivers (which is why we are seeing so much of those two in particular).

Steak and wors for dinner along with baby butternut, sweet potatoes, gem squash & potatoes all done on the braai. The red wine also seems to be going down a whole lot quicker suddenly … no doubt Stephen and Daniel contributing to that. It has actually been much cooler over the last few days (or at least feels like it). The overcast conditions have clearly helped too.

Until tomorrow

P, H, S, M, C & D

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