Bourton-on-the-Water Day 2
April 4, 2018

As we were spending the day in the Cotswolds there was no pressure to get up earlier. Most of the museums and shops only open at 10am. After having breakfast we headed to the model railway in the village. While the shop opened at 9:30am, the railway only opened at 11am so that plan was thwarted. The Woolen Mill shop was fortunately open and so we headed in there and did some shopping – well I did some shopping – found 2 jerseys I liked. By this point the rain had let up a little and it was 10am so we decided to go the Model Village.  The Model Village is an entire replica of the town down to including a model of the Model Village! The detail was quite remarkable – they even had working gutters on many of the buildings.

We then headed to the Motor Museum which was far more than just old cars. The amount of memorabilia was quite incredible. Gas pumps, sidecars, signs, toy cars etc.  They have quite a few cars from around the 1930s and most of them are in very good condition. The kids did behave like kids with some of the displays! By the time we were finished there the model railway had opened and so we headed back there again. It brought back memories of the model railway my Dad had constructed for my brother and me and then the set he helped build for our kids as well. Lots of reminiscing about how you could get trains going in opposite directions and if you got the timing spot on you could get them to pass each other in the station etc.

We had exhausted all the museums in the town at this point. As we could see the bakery from our hotel window and had seen them baking since before 6am this morning we thought we should at least try their wares. Helen had seen them make chocolate eclairs and so the men felt obliged to give them a try (they were pretty good) and Helen and Chloe had scones with jam & clotted cream. They had to wait for them because they were sold out of the first batch they made and were making more. They said they were worth the wait.  Helen and Chloe were inspired and both of them at some point said they wanted to start a bakery!

After all the morning activity it was time for a short rest and then at 1pm we headed out to Lower Oddington (the English have some strange names of towns!). The reason we went was because I had read that there was a Church that was built in the 800s there and it had a medieval mural dating from 1500s.  As we hadn’t eaten lunch yet we found the only place in Lower Oddington that served food and went there. It was called Fox Inn ( and the food and the atmosphere were good – a really good find!

After lunch we went to the Church (St Nicholas Church of England). It is about 0.5 miles outside of the village. The church is surrounded by a grave yard with many of the grave stones being from the 1800s. The church was open though there was nobody around at all. It seems they still hold services there but you would definitely have to come wrapped up warmly because it was icy cold inside. The mural covered the one whole wall. Incredible to thing it was painted 600-700 years ago. There was a list of rectors up from 1200s until 1977!

The rest of the afternoon we spent relaxing at the hotel and then headed out for dinner at the number rated restaurant in the village – The Rose Tree (  Another good choice as the food was again very good. Now we are all off to bed!

Until tomorrow

P, H, S, M & C

PS: The pic is a photo from our hotel room window.



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