London Day 5 & 6
July 20, 2018

Wednesday & Thursday were just Helen and I in London.  M & O were with my parents in Hope Cove and touring the area including Looe and some other places on Wednesday and then they drove back to my parents home for Thursday night. We didn’t get many details except the regular posting of food from various meals.

Helen spent both days walking around London.  On Wednesday she had breakfast at some restaurant that she has been to previously and really liked.  It was near Marble Arch and then she went shopping down Oxford Street and surrounds.  She was very proud of herself that she never bought anything for herself.  Well that isn’t strictly true – she found Lindt on sale at £1 per slab and so she stocked up on that!

Helen and I were offered some tickets for the Globe Theatre but after reading the review online I was put off.  We considered going to watch a show but by the time Helen was looking for what was available we came to the conclusion that neither of us felt like it anymore.  We decided to go and eat out rather and went to a Chinese restaurant we have visited quite a few times before called Ken Lo’s ( We went with a menu for 2.  The food was excellent and plentiful and we were so full at the end that Helen said all she wanted to do was lie on the bed! The 15 minute walk back to the flat helped consume a few of the calories.

On Thursday Helen went to the V&A Museum (  She seemed to really enjoy it as she said she spent over 2 hours in 2 rooms only.  There is value in doing a museum by yourself in that you never experience the pressure of the other people with you always being ahead of you. She also spent some time reading in Hyde Park. She said she really enjoyed the relaxed day. She did also spend the afternoon cleaning the flat. (Mom and Dad – you’ve never seen the flat so clean!)

If you want to know what I was doing … working! Both Wednesday and Thursday were full days for me. In particular Thursday was very busy as my boss was over from Germany as well. Someone has to earn a living!

P, H, M & O (because she supports Djokovic)

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