Vilamoura Day 3
July 6, 2018

Yesterday we decided to explore Lagos – no not the one in Nigeria – the one to the west of Vilamoura.  It is about 50 km away and took about an hour to get there.  There is a motorway but it takes a little effort to get onto it using some back roads. What amazes me every time about Portugal is that when you’re taking back roads you feel like you’re driving in a 3rd world country.  You drive past fallen down buildings, half completed buildings, rubble piles etc.

Lagos has a marina on the river mouth into the Atlantic ocean. Along the river they have market stalls selling clothes, cork items (Portugal is big on cork), clothes and other random things. After these stalls come the boat trip excursions – dolphins & caves seem to be the things to see.  There was also an indoor market selling fresh fish of every kind.  That made some of us want fish for lunch! We went over the river to the marina which had numerous restaurants and found a place for lunch (that served fish and chips).

After lunch, we headed back in the same direction we came from as we realised (thanks to TripAdvisor) that the Old Town was back where we parked the car.  The old town is cobbled streets and what seemed to be a pedestrian zone until a car came up behind us and pushed past us. After walking around we found a square with water fountains and messed around in the water (like a bunch of kids).  We then headed back to Vilamoura.

As we had a reasonably big lunch we decided to have a light dinner and then after dinner we went for gelato at the marina and a walk around. Every time we go to the marina we are surprised by quantity of British tourists (you only hear English being spoken) and how dressed up everyone is (especially the women).  It was 9:30pm when we headed back to house.  A relatively full and busy day.

Until tomorrow …

P, C, S, K, H, O & M


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