Vilamoura – Tuesday
August 10, 2018

On Tuesday B & I played our first round of golf. As the temperature rises quickly we opted for the earliest tee off time we could get at Pinhal Golf Course ( B played better on the first nine. However, I managed to shoot one of the lowest back 9s I have ever shot including a birdie on one hole (pic of shot of birdie putt) and a few pars. It was mainly due to my putting as I rolled in a few putts from off the green even. We finished at around 11am and it was already well into the 30 degrees at that point.

Overnight I had received a text from BA saying that Helen’s luggage that was meant to have arrived from Costa Rica (after its sightseeing trip) on Monday midday, had in fact gotten delayed in Madrid and now would only arrive at Faro airport on Wednesday midday. That meant she had to go and get some more essentials items including a charger for her Apple Watch. The only Apple store we could find was in Faro. We dropped off H & S so that they could go to H & M at the relatively newly opened mall near Loule and then B & I went to the mall in Faro to find the Apple store.

On the way there we drove behind a minivan converted into a hearse. As you can see from the picture, it had a glass back and you could see right in to the coffin. While that was a bit weird, why it makes the blog is that when we had purchased the watch charger at the mall and were heading back to fetch H & S from H & M, we ended up driving behind the hearse again. Not sure if there was a message in that or not … we are hoping not!

Braai for dinner (pork strips, turkey kebabs and chicken wings) …

P, H, S, B (because S moaned that she was always at the end and so I simply moved her to stop the moaning but read it P, H, B & S)

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  1. Have you changed your minds about Spain? Maybe it’s still to come??
    You seem to be having a good, relaxing holiday!

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