Louisville to Nashville
June 28, 2019

We are flying to New York from Nashville so we had to head back to Nashville yesterday. We left at the check out time (10am) and decided to not take the interstate but rather to take the back routes to get back. It was obviously a lot slower (took over 4 hours) but it was much more scenic and pleasant drive.

We stopped on route back for lunch at Cracker Barrel which is a Southern chain restaurant. As we were in Kentucky we thought it essential to at least have Southern Fried chicken on one occasion. Only S and I had the fried chicken in the end but M, O, C & K had chicken strips (so it was close to fried chicken) and H had a grilled chicken salad (healthy option). Of course you also get the local ‘sides’ of a biscuit or corn bread and then a choice of another 2 sides as well. You’ll never lack for food in America! The other amusing thing was that before C had even drunk 1/4 of her iced tea, they brought her another refill! When we were finished eating the amount of leftover could have probably fed another family. I guess that all just gets dumped afterwards and so it really is a lot of wastage. It really strikes us when we are in the US as this just doesn’t happen in SA.

We got to the Embassy Suites hotel at the airport at just after 3pm. We decided to stay there as our flight was in the morning to NY (in fact we are at the airport now as I type this) and it would be convenient to get rid of the car last night. After we had checked in, S came with me to refill the car and then take it back to the airport and then we caught the courtesy bus back to the hotel. We had dinner in the hotel last night. When S ordered a beer they asked for ID and he had to go up to his room to get it. When I ordered one the waiter also asked me! While I could be flattered, I actually think that is somewhat ridiculous as I am clearly over 21!

We are now at Nashville airport waiting to board our flight. The incoming flight has just arrived so I reckon it will be a few minutes before we board. In order to send this before we board I am posting it now without pictures and will try do a few pictures later.

Until tomorrow …

P, S (because he ate fried chicken with me and helped me return the car), H, M, C, O & K

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