UK & US trip
June 18, 2019

We are just starting a family holiday to the UK and US. For a variety of reasons we are leaving SA on 4 different flights. H & C left on Saturday night, P on Sunday night and M & O are leaving tonight. S & K still to depart on Friday night. Everyone is flying into London.

Globe Theatre

H & C spent Sunday walking along the South bank of the Thames and then (after a drink at a pub as one does when in the UK) spontaneously went to watch Henry V at the Globe Theatre. They did the original thing and bought a standing ticket for £5 and spent the next 3 hours standing. They said it was excellent and worth repeating. They were doing this while I was on a flight from Cape Town to London which fortunately was uneventful.

I have spent the last 2 days working while H & C have enjoyed a few days in London. Today C went to York to meet up with some friends and will spend the night up there before returning tomorrow to London. M & O arrive tomorrow morning from Johannesburg (they flew via Jhb and have just taken off). I am going to Montreal (for business) for the next 2 days and I will overlap briefly tomorrow morning with M&O before I head to Heathrow for my flight to Canada.

When you’re in London you must mention the weather. The temperature has been quite mild (around 20 degrees C) and until midday today it has been dry. At lunchtime though and most of the afternoon it has been raining and they’re predicting thundershowers for the rest of today and tomorrow as well. You can’t expect to come to London and not have it rain though!

Until I write again … won’t promise when because I don’t know when I will write given I am still working!

P, H & C … with M & O on the way

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