Dullstroom to Hazyview
June 20, 2021

We woke to a cold, misty morning at Hazyview. It was 2 degrees when I woke up at 6am. It actually didn’t feel that cold – though I’m not experienced at feeling 2am!

We had a late morning breakfast and then after breakfast walked around Dullstroom again. We eventually left Dullstroom at around 11am. We could only check in at our next accommodation at 4pm so we decided to detour via Pilgrim’s Rest and God’s Window. The road to Lydenberg (on route to Pilgrim’s Rest) has significant potholes. In fact all the roads we drove on today had the same problem. The phrase of the day on Waze was “Watch out, pothole on road ahead”. The road was littered with them. One road even had each one numbered and we only noticed that at a point that started with 49 (we were traveling in descending order). That was in about a 5 km stretch so it gives you an idea of how many potholes there are on these roads.

We did a brief stop at Pilgrim’s Rest but it was incredibly disappointing at how run down it was. It was a shadow of what we had experienced previously but admittedly we haven’t been there for at least 10 years. We gave up on the town very quickly and headed into Graskop for lunch at Harry’s Pancakes (fairly famous for it’s pancakes). M was the first person to place an order and he ordered a salad. The waitress said “This is a pancake place! You can get lettuce at home!” 🙂

After lunch we headed for God’s Window. It is a beautiful viewpoint from around 1700m you can look down to the Eastern Lowveld which is at around 700m above sea level. Stunning views which no photo really can do justice for what you see in person.

After God’s Window we headed to Hazyview which is where we are staying tonight. We are staying at Kruger Park Lodge (https://www.legacyhotels.co.za/local-destinations/kruger-park/kruger-park-lodge) which is situated on the Sabie River and on a 9-hole gold course. It would have been nice to have been able to play 9-holes but with such a late check in and the sun setting at around 5:30pm, it was not a viable option.

We have two separate houses here at Kruger Park Lodge – one with 4 bedrooms and one with 3 bedrooms. They are very nicely appointed and while you could self-cater, we decided to keep it easy and eat at the restuarant rather tonight. It was another enjoyable evening with lots of banter.

Until tomorrow

P, H, S (because he was only one to remember that it was father’s day and wished me straight away), K, C, J, M, O, B, S, B, R, J

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