Ngala to Kruger Park
June 26, 2021

You might be wondering why the blogs suddenly stopped but the issue is not the desire to send a blog but rather the fact that my internet access suddenly dried up!

we had a morning game drive on Thursday at Ngala and we went out in search of rhino. Due to poaching, the prevalence of rhino’s in the area has declined substantially. The rangers told us that about 20 years ago you could go on a drive and you would definitely see 3-4 rhino on one single drive. We had been there for almost 3 days and hadn’t seen one at all. We set out to see if we could find one as they knew that a mother and calf where relatively close to the lodge. We did some roads to the north we had never done and then when heading south the tracker suddenly said ‘rhino’ and sure enough there was the mother and baby rhino. It was such an impressive sighting (my best ever of a rhino). The baby was frolicking around and kept running into his mother. Would run toward the game truck and then stop and turn and run back again. It was very cute to watch and enjoy!

We had our last coffee stop overlooking a dam and then back for breakfast at the lodge, pack up and leave. It was a fabulous 3 days but it was non-stop and you almost feel like you need a holiday after it! We had a 90 minute drive back to Hoedspruit as we had to drop MO off at the airport as they were flying back to Cape Town (they had a wedding to attend on Saturday). We also needed to do some grocery shopping in Hoedspruit before we headed back east again to the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park (KNP).

We headed into KNP and toward Satara which was our next stop for the next 3 nights. We saw a lot of the standard game (giraffe, zebra, impala, baboon, vervet monkey, steenbuck etc) on the way into the camp. We got in around 4pm and check in to find that the cellphone signal was very poor or non-existent (hence the lack of blogs). Dinner was a braai (as you should expect) and then it was off to bed and sleep pretty early as we were all exhausted from an early morning and a jam packed day!

Until the next time I’m able to post …

P, H, S, K, M, O (for the last time), C, J, B, R, J, S, B

PS: Sorry no pics – couldn’t upload them!

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