Olifants Day 2
July 3, 2021

We decided to head out to Letaba and have breakfast at the day visitors site where you can rent a skottel for R30. We took the route north along the river which is notorious for grumpy elephants. We did see quite a few elephants and one trumpeted at us as we passed him but otherwise the trip there was uneventful and not a lot of other game was seen. We headed back after breakfast along the tar road which also didn’t yield much game.

We spent the day generally chilling in the camp and did do a short evening drive south along the river. There was quite a lot of game to be seen especially impala, giraffe, wildebees & zebra but no predators. It is quite incredible that after having been in the Kruger Park for 5 days we are yet to see lion. This is probably the longest I have been here in a stretch without seeing lion. Some of our group are also yet to see leopard or cheetah as well. If it hadn’t been for the time in Ngala we would be quite disappointed.

We did a braai for dinner (done by S). An uneventful day but relaxing day. The view from our accommodation at Olifants was fantastic though. It probably is one of the best views in the Kruger Park.

Until later …

P, H, S, K, J, R, J, B, S, B, C

(Finally have WiFi … will post some more updates soon)

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