Canadian trip (delayed from 2020)
June 7, 2022

Yesterday evening we departed from Cape Town heading for Canada. This was the trip we should have done in June/July 2020 but obviously the pandemic intervened. We are grateful to be able to reschedule it to now. When I say ‘We’, it is just 4 of us – me, H and then my son and daughter-in-law (S & K).

We are flying via London and so we had the day today in London. The flight over was unremarkable except that we left slightly late because the air-bridge broke down before they got it back far enough to allow the plane to be pushed back. They eventually had to use the tug for our push back to pull the air-bridge back to allow us to be able to get out. No more masks needed on the flight – even the aircrew were maskless. Seems Covid is finished in the UK.

I decided to work today rather than take a day off. The other 3 have just chilled for the day and have done some small outings just around the flat in London. H & K went to do some shopping in the vicinity and then S & K just returned from a walk in St James Park. We leave shortly for Heathrow as our flight is at 17:40 to Montreal.

Hopefully tomorrow when I send the next update we will be safely in Montreal!

P, H, S & K

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