June 12, 2022

It was again reasonably nice weather most of yesterday. The day started off clear but it became a little overcast later and then cleared up but the wind picked up in the afternoon/evening. As we had all woken up relatively early, we headed out before the original plan (which was to leave at 10am). Halifax has a waterfront area. There is a boardwalk that covers 2.6km of harbour area.

It was about a 15-20 walk down to the area and we started at the Farmers Market which is only open on the weekend. It was nice but didn’t really compare to Oranjezicht City Farm Market in Cape Town which is held on a Saturday. After the market we walked around the entire boardwalk. It is really nicely done with a few restaurants, lots of chairs to just sit and look out to sea, some hammocks (people were in them reading) etc. There are also boutique stores, play parks, dog parks etc all in different sections of the waterfront area.

We then headed up into town and then up more to the Halifax Citadel. At the top you have a view right over the city and some history of Halifax. What we had never heard of is that in WWI, two ships collided in the harbour – one of was a relief ship and the other a French armaments ship. The French ship caught on fire and within a few minutes the fire spread to the hold and the ship’s ordinance it was carrying exploded and flattened 2 square kilometers of Halifax. More people were killed that day than all the Canadians lost on the front lines of WWI.

View from Citadel

We then walked back to our apartment and stopped in at the supermarket across the road to buy some lunch. No shortage of walking yesterday – I did 13.1km in total yesterday. We had an early lunch with the intention of having an early dinner and then we basically just relaxed the balance of the afternoon in the flat (my feet were very sore!).

We wanted to have dinner at one of the restaurants in the waterfront area. We got down there before 6pm and there were already queues at the restaurants. We enquired at one restaurant and they said the wait was over 2 hours for a table. We decided to head back up into city area rather as S had seen some restaurants in that area marked on Google maps. We found a place called Two Doors Down. The food was very good. We had BBQ pork chop, Korean chicken (x2) and Scallops Spaghettini. Short walk back to the apartment via the grocery store again (to buy ice cream).

We all slept well but are all up relatively early as we need to head to the airport shortly as we are flying to Toronto today.

P, S, H & K

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