June 20, 2022

We slept in and then H & I went for a leisurely breakfast at the Stage Coach Restaurant (the other two slept in). It is one of those typical diners you see on TV series where the waitress slams the plates down and comes around with a pot of coffee and constantly fills up your mug. Felt a little like we were in one of those movies actually! We both had French Toast with maple syrup (when in Canada you must at least once have a maple syrup breakfast) except I had mine with a side of bacon.

We headed out the Outlet Collection at Niagara to do some shopping. We haven’t actually bought much on the trip and so we thought this would be a good opportunity. The mall was somewhat disappointing as it wasn’t really just an outlet mall. The first store we entered was Polo and the shirts ranged from $125-$175 – I don’t consider that outlet prices! Fortunately my favorite store/brand is Banana Republic and they did have reasonable prices and on top of the marked price you could take 40% off. I managed to find quite a lot of things and H also managed to find something. H bought one other thing from another store and that was all we managed to find. S & K also didn’t really find much.

We had lunch in the food court and after lunch S & K got themselves another Beaver Tail which H & I also tried. They had the standard one with cinnamon and sugar and let H & I have a taste. S described it as tasting like a Woolworths Cinnamon doughnut which was pretty accurate. We stopped in at Walmart on the way back to our hotel. Not sure if it was just this Walmart or Walmart in general but we were sorely disappointed. The shelves were pretty empty, the store was in a mess, the range was very limited. All-in-all not worth stopping for that Walmart.

Spent the afternoon at the hotel watching some US Open golf, sleeping and then watching the finish of the US Open. We went to dinner at Oliv which is situated on the Strewn Winery. S & K had graciously offered to pay for both Father’s Day and also to say thanks for the trip. It was a tapas style restaurant. Really nice meal shared with a bottle of Strewn Riesling.

One day left!

S (for paying for dinner), K, H & P

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