Toronto Day 5 & 6
June 18, 2022

Yes I know I didn’t post yesterday. The problem was simply I didn’t have any time to do a post. On Thursday the family went off to Yorkdale Mall which is north of the city but still on the subway line (about 30 minutes from our apartment). H has been googling to find the best carry-on luggage and she wanted to get an Away suitcase and they had a store in the mall. The mall had 280 stores and they spent the whole morning and early afternoon at the mall.

I had some earlier morning online meetings which I did from the apartment and then headed into the office late morning for some meetings with my staff. We had another dinner with clients but this time it was out of the city and in Mississauga (prize for anyone that can pronounce that without help!). As we left at 5pm we caught got in the rush hour traffic so it took us an hour to get to the restaurant but only 30 minutes for us to get back. S & K had wanted Dominos pizza and so they had that for dinner that evening. It was incredibly a fire alarm free day.

View from Toronto Office

I had to get to the office early on Friday as I had a 8:30am meeting and then a full day of meetings in the office with the full Canadian team (some of them don’t live in Toronto so they came in for the day). It was my first time meeting 3 of the team face-to-face as they have joined us since I was last in Toronto (which was last year Sept/Oct).

H, S & K checked out of the apartment at 11am and then brought their luggage to office. They then headed off to the Distillery District for lunch and then they did some shopping on the way back. They got back to the office just after 3pm and we had just wrapped up our meetings – perfect timing. We took an Uber to the car rental and then headed out to Niagara-on-the-lake which is where we are staying for next 3 nights.

Prince of Wales Hotel

The drive down was well over 2 hours in the end because of traffic and one major accident on the main highway that you take. We arrived eventually just after 7pm and once we had checked in we headed out to find a place for dinner. Really pretty town and very glad we elected to stay here for the next three nights. We are staying at the Prince of Wales Hotel – really nice rooms and great location.

Until tomorrow …

H, S, K & P

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