Day 3 (part 1) of Romance Holiday
July 2, 2012

Well I was right about the weather. Cold, raining, fog. The type of day you usually prefer to be indoors for next to a fire. Instead we decided to go to Lands End. We could not come to Cornwall and not go to Lands End. One of our UK friends who now lives in SA remarked “How do you see the sun in Cornwall? You fly at 30000 ft over Cornwall.” Of course over breakfast there was the usual moaning about the beds. Helen reminded me that I forgot to mention that my Mom gave up trying to sleep under the duvet and slept inside it instead. Not sure what my Dad did.

We did head out after breakfast. My parents decided not to come and so we took the bigger R-class so we could all squeeze in. Lara and Stephen didn’t seem to complain. On the way to Lands End we did a quick side trip to Michael’s Mount. The problem was that it was raining so hard and it was so misty that you could not really even see it. We could not bring ourselves to park and look at it. We just drove past and all admired it (not). We then headed for Lands End passing Penzance on the way (the place all pirates come from).

You also had to pay £5 for parking at Lands End and we almost did a U-turn at that point but I decided that since we had come that far we should at least get out of the car. So we all bundled out and headed for the tip of the land. Problem was it was windy and raining. Not sure if the rain was falling or just being blown out of the clouds. We braved the weather though and headed out for the point. On the way Daniel stated “I have figured out why the Germans never attempted to invade England” – I think he may be right!

The picture gives you some idea (Helen took some more but she is currently examining the inside of her eyelids) of what the weather was like. This was on the way back from the very end of the land. We headed straight into the restaurant to have coffee & hot chocolate. By the time we were finished the fog was so thick you could not even see that building in the distance and in fact you couldn’t even see the sea. It was the type of thing that you would only do on holiday. No sane person living in England would do that.  I just wonder why there were about 100 cars in the parking lot all doing the same thing we were doing. And we passed an open top bus tour with 2 people sitting on the top in the rain. The English are really a crazy bunch. But I guess if you didn’t do anything outdoors in the rain you would never go outdoors if you live in England.

We stopped on the way back at Tesco’s to buy lunch. That isn’t something I want to repeat in a hurry. 7 people all heading off in their own direction. When we finally got back into the car and fortunately I asked what we had bought for my Dad for lunch and there was silence.  So back into the store I went to buy something for him as well. Just as well I asked before we got back. Helen did the Cornish thing for lunch and had a Cornish Pastie. No one else followed her example. All she needs to do now is have Cornish Clotted Cream Tea and then she has covered the range of eating delicacies of Cornwall.

Helen said I must post this as a half day blog and seeing as I always listen to my wife I am going so.  Balance of the day will come later.

PS: I can see a number of people are now subscribed.  Thanks for doing that.  Thanks also to Sue & Sharon who have lead the way by commenting on the posts.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 (part 1) of Romance Holiday

  1. It looks like the romantics are enjoying the weather and the close travel arrangements!! Although as the father of the daughter maybe I shouldn’t be saying this!

  2. I haven’t seen a photograph of Lara yet where she is wearing her own tops!!! Poor Stephen. Such a shame the weather is not behaving guys but well done for doing the ‘tourist’ thing anyway:)

  3. Lovely to see Stephen battling the Cornish mist. And well done, Helen, on the Cornish pasty option. Was that building ‘The First and Last House in England’? Haven’t been there since I was about 12. Peter, you are a bit of a comedian!

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