Day 3 (Part 2) of Romance Holiday
July 3, 2012

Given the very poor weather (constant rain) we spent the afternoon inside watching tennis.  Late afternoon the sun tried to come out but that was short lived.  It is now pelting down with rain (11:10pm). It is raining so hard I can hear it on the roof. As Paul would say this is rubbish weather. I don’t think I have ever been on holiday and had such bad weather. You really can’t sightsee in this (though we did our best this morning!).

This evening we had booked at Seagrass restaurant in St Ives (  It is run by a Masterchef semi-finalist in 2010. It was recommended to me by one of our UK staff who comes to St Ives on holiday every year. The restaurant is quite small (probably seats 25-30 people) so we had about 1/3 of the restaurant. The service was good. The food mixed. I am so tired of everyone else in my family making poor choices at restaurants that I have taken to give free consulting advice on their choices. I was perfectly happy (as usual) with my choices of scallops for starter followed by Turbot (a fish that used to swim in the sea at St Ives). However, everyone else was only happy with their starters or their main course (not both). Helen had Herring for starters (I did agree with the choice) but she complained it was too salty. Dad, Stephen and me all had some (or most of it) and didn’t see what the problem was. If I wrote about all the complaints you wouldn’t believe me and you would think they are all spoilt brats so I will resist.  I can say I was happy with my choices and licked the plate the sauce was so good (and this for a person who doesn’t like sauces and is supposedly a fussy eater … I am starting to doubt that description now).

No one complained about the desert though – everyone seemed to be happy with those. Don’t worry Sharon – Lara does still fit into her own clothes even though you haven’t seen a photo of her wearing them. I suspect she is keeping the T-shirts back for when the temperature rises above 12 degrees. We did rush back after the meal to ensure we missed another downpour as it was only drizzling very lightly when we left the restaurant (a unique event).

The good news is that today Lara only broke two British laws. We are trying to reign her in a little. Hopefully tomorrow it will only be one. (Even though Sharon says she isn’t panicking, I know better than that and I can feel the panic swelling up again.) We did cleverly bring a set of DVDs with us and so we have been watching that in the evening after supper. No chance of doing anything else in this weather – even a walk is out. And after 3 days of trying to get Helen not to selfishly flush the loo after going I have given up and now I dash for it before she can get there. At least I can remember not to flush.

We leave tomorrow for the great trek back to my parents home. Of course the weather forecast is for rain, rain and more rain. As my Dad said this evening, the weather is predicted to be variable. Either there will be light rain or there could be heavy rain.  Right now it is heavy rain!


5 thoughts on “Day 3 (Part 2) of Romance Holiday

  1. well 7.25 am here in Cape Town and it is mist mist and more mist but on TV I see in JHB the sun is out and Vuyo is talking to the new Bafana coach Gordoin Ingesund enjoy the day.

  2. Lara only broken two laws – obviously the Temples are a good influence on her!
    It is a beautiful summer (I mean winter) day here in Cape Town, the mist is starting to lift and we are getting ready for some English summer weather over the next few days.

  3. No blue sky is visible. Just grey, grey, grey and rain, rain, rain. Really who would ever call this summer?

  4. Ask Helen what I think of holidays in Cornwall! Although we’ll tell you more when we get back because I held back some truths…. At least it’s all looking green…

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