Bank Holiday Monday
May 27, 2013

Today was a bank holiday in the UK. That is why I elected to be with my parents rather than spending the day by myself in the flat in London. I had a telephone conference with my boss at 9am and none of us managed to get breakfast in before that (especially as I went to bed eventually at 1am after trying to get the blog sorted – thanks to those of you that have re-subscribed). My parents kindly waited for me to finish the conversation.  It was more like brunch than breakfast by the time we ate and that necessitated us pushing back lunch (which actually worked out well because I had a train to catch to London this evening and so it meant I could skip supper and not feel hungry!).

I spent most of the day working and catching up on things that I just haven’t had the time recently to do.  It felt like a fruitful day. My Dad took me to the train station for my 7:15pm train up to London Waterloo.  The train arrived on time but it was packed full.  It was so full there were no seats at all in 2nd class.  Fortunately I had a 1st class ticket and so got a seat but there were even limited seats in 1st class.  The result of everyone who lives in London trying to spend the bank holiday down in the South.  My Dad checked the main roads back up North and the traffic was at a standstill this evening.

Train journey was otherwise uneventful and arrived into Waterloo on time.  Did a quick shop for essentials at M&S and then took a taxi to the flat. Collected all the post that builds up every time I am not here.  That usually consists of numerous cables that have been sent from various suppliers. This time was no different.  Who knows where all the cables go to or are used.  I reckon our house must have a cable thief operating inside. It could be entrepreneurial talent at work as well – just hope it’s not with my credit card!

It was a beautiful evening in London. The taxi drive from Waterloo to the flat takes you over the Thames and it was still light but the lights were just starting to take effect.  Westminster (both parliament and cathedral) looked spectacular in the light. I (unfortunately) wasn’t quick enough to get my iPhone out for a photo so you will have to take my word for it. If it is as nice tomorrow I will a shot!

I realised I took no photos today so here is a picture from my desk in the flat …



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