Work Day but not so good for Stephen
May 28, 2013

So it was a work day for me today.  And we had a full day workshop on Leadership styles.  Pretty hard to blog about that.  So I will do what all English people do and talk about the weather.  I should have taken that photo yesterday because it started raining last night and it was overcast the whole day.  And for end of May it is pretty chilly at about 14 degrees.  This place has no idea about summer.  One of the blog reader’s told me that my photo yesterday was ‘random’ (that was the point by the way) and so I thought I would take one today from the view from the window behind the desk in my flat.  Here are they are:


The one on the left is the general view from the flat. The second one on the right is a close up of the same view.  The sand coloured building in the centre (in the distance) is MI6 which is on the Thames.  There ends the views, photos and your London orientation message for today.

The big story about today is actually not about me but about Stephen.  He was meant to leave Cape Town this evening for London to then connect to LA. I say supposedly because when he got to the airport this evening he discovered that the flight had been cancelled. Apparently an inconsiderate bird flew through an engine and that doesn’t go well with engines. So flight cancelled until 7:30pm tomorrow. Which means he misses connection to LA (and he was meeting up with my parents on that flight) and it means he arrives a day later and misses half of his cousin’s 18th birthday as well. Imagine the disappointment for everyone.  I still feel bad and that bird had nothing to do with me.  He is re-booked on tomorrow night’s flight and he has a connecting flight re-booked to LA as well.  So hopefully when I blog tomorrow it will be to say he is on route to the UK.

One thought on “Work Day but not so good for Stephen

  1. all these flight problem stories over last week and this week are making me nervous. I hope Stephen still gets to enjoy as much of the celebrations as possible and you get to enjoy your time in the USA. When does rest of the family join up with you? Pretty cold and dark here at UCT at 6.14 am 🙁

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