Big Day
June 1, 2013

The day has finally arrived.  Bulls vs Cheetahs. Oh no, that’s not why I am here in LA. That’s right – it’s the wedding day. I was awake at 6:15am this morning and waited patiently for someone to arise from their slumber to go to breakfast with me. Stephen woke up just after 8am as Lynne (my sister), Sue (my sister-in-law) and my Mom went to make breakfast for the bridesmaids.  Apparently one of the many traditions in America around the wedding. The Aunts make breakfast for the bridesmaids. (@Helen I am sure you’re sorry you weren’t here this morning.)

After breakfast the boys played basketball on the court at the hotel and I watched the Bulls v Cheetahs via streaming (and it was much like last week – mainly jerking rather than streaming).  The internet connection at the hotel is about snail speed and about 1/4 of what we have at home even. My cellphone connection is 4G but the hotel connection is terrible. It was however please to see the Bulls win again.

After that I took Stephen and Daniel (nephew) shopping. We went to an electronics store just to browse. The selection and range is quite incredible. Massive store the size of Makro but just with electronics. We didn’t buy anything but we did browse and play. Then we went to the ultimate All-American store – Walmart. Which is like Makro but nicer and bigger range but cheap.  Bought a few things there (food gifts really because what else can you buy in America as a gift). As it was lunchtime Daniel said we had to go to In Out Burgers (which he claimed was the best burger fast food chain). And he was right. Definitely the best burgers by some distance. Also packed full and struggled to get a table.

Over lunch I got some more dirt on the girls who were flirting with Stephen. Lara (Stephen’s girlfriend) was pushing for details apparently so Stephen is having to deflect the pressure onto Jason (other nephew). Daniel wasn’t so convinced that Jason should be claiming any credit for Stephen’s babe magnet skills though.

We are leaving for the wedding shortly. It is a formal wedding ceremony in a High Anglican Church. Full communion service as well. We have been given lots of instructions of do’s and don’ts.  I haven’t heard any directly so I am just assuming that most of them can be ignored.  Anyway, I am the backwards (2nd class) uncle from Africa so they can all blame my lack of sophistication.

Will blog when we get back (sorry about no photos – tried to load some but the internet was SO slow it didn’t)

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