Rehearsal dinner
June 1, 2013

I had to pick up Stephen and his cousin (my nephew) Daniel from the train station this after at about 4:30pm. Turns out their train eventually arrived at about 4:55pm and the rehearsal dinner was at 6pm. That may sound fine but in LA where it takes 45 minutes to get anywhere, it was going to be tight as we had to go back to the hotel to change and then head to the venue. The car trip over was quite amusing. Stephen having not read the last blog post I had written decided to read it out to entertain us for the trip.  When he came to the part about him being a ‘babe magnet’ last night at the concert it seemed to me that he was blushing slightly (from what I could see in the rear view mirror). I remarked along those lines only for him to reply and say:  “Why would I be embarrassed. Girls are naturally drawn to good looks like mine.” Right … and clearly to modesty as well it seems.  Jason (other nephew) then remarked that (when we were discussing the table seating for tonight) he hoped that some of the bridesmaids or other hot chicks were seated at his table. He would be sorely disappointed as it ended up being 4 cousins and Josh’s (groom) sister and her husband at their table.

The dinner was at Harborehearsalr Trinity. I thought it was a restaurant. Turned out (when we got there) to be a church instead. Wedding party hadn’t arrived yet as they were still rehearsing. Always wondered why they called it the Rehearsal dinner but I think I finally got it.  The family get to eat while the wedding party are rehearsing obviously. The dinner was a buffet barbecue (of sorts) and was quite casual. (For Josie – Caesar Salad, mashed potatoes (American style), bread, chicken and beef.) During dinner we were asked to reflect on funny stories about Josh and/or Rachel (bride) or other reminiscences about them. Each table then got to share their thoughts/comments briefly at the end of dinner. Second table up were the older cousins (Rachel’s brothers were involved). And Jason (Rachel’s oldest brother) did the bit for their table. He started as follows:
“If you were grounded for reading too much you would be …. Rachel”
“If you once wore ladies sweaters you would be …. Josh”
and they had a few more of those as well.  He ended with “If you were highly opinionated you would be … either Rachel or Josh”. Everyone was laughing. The roasting/reminiscing/commending (because there were some genuine heartfelt comments said – Jeff, my brother-in-law, said at Rachel’s 18th birthday that if his daughter turned out half as well as Rachel, he would be a very proud and happy father).

amyThe last table to comment turned out to the younger cousin table.  We all wondered who would speak for them (their ages ranged from 7 to 15). My 13 year old niece (younger of sister to Rachel) did it and she pretty much stole the show. Not only is she a very confident public speaker, she managed to compliment her sister and at the same time about shred the reputation of her brothers. In the car going back to the hotel they were complaining bitterly about how unfair she was to them.  I felt their pain … not. My sister’s (Rachel’s mother) competitive, game show streak came through in the concluding event of the evening as Rachel and Josh played the ‘About to be wed game’.  Questions for each of the table to which Rachel and Josh had to write down the answers independently which were then read to us all. Questions like “Where was your first kiss?”.  Rachel immediately started writing, Josh sarachel and josht pensively for a few moments.  Rachel completed her answer.  Josh still thinking.  Problem brewing.  Josh pressed for an answer writes one down.  Rachel’s response was suitably detailed with place, time, etc. Josh’s answer “Kissing is reserved for after marriage”!  Our table submitted, “Who will spend more time on their hair”. Both wrote the answer without thinking and both wrote “Josh”.

Dinner was finished at 8pm and as the night was young I suggested that if we were to pass an Ice Cream parlor on way home I would be inclined to stop and buy ice creams for everyone. That lead to GPS’s being redirected and after various aborted attempts to find a place we did eventually pull into a Baskin Robbins.  Both going to the Church for the dinner and driving back again I have probably broken 10 driving laws by crossing white lines etc. No one ever honked their horn though. Seems doing that sort of thing is perfectly acceptable. At one stage I had to cut across three solid white lines (and lanes) to take an exit. The navigator’s attention wandered a little too much.  In addition, I managed to drive about 10 minutes without lights on before I realised.  Their are so many neon lights advertise that you pretty much don’t need to have any car lights on anyway.  We did eventually get back to the hotel and after a quick beer with nephews and brother-in-law, it was time to write the blog and then head to bed.

Tomorrow is the big day …

Bulls are playing Cheetahs at about 8am my time – must get to bed now so I can watch tomorrow.

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