Holiday for some, work for me
June 23, 2015

Last night 3 of us left for London on the BA flight. 2 were starting their holiday (Stephen & Lara) and then there was me going to my usual work in London.  The check-in and immigration process was fairly usual except for when they asked Stephen what age he was. The new immigration requirements for traveling with children was clearly on their minds. However, with a little thought, you come to realise how ridiculous the question is. Firstly, the official was holding Stephen’s passport at the time so surely he should have been able to see. Secondly, he could have simply lied (assuming if he was actually under 18). He also clearly looks young because they never asked Lara her age (or she looks old maybe … sorry Lara).  Fortunately they let us out. Hopefully they do the same when Helen leaves with the younger ones on Thursday.

The flight was uneventful except for the fact that the cabin crew seemed to have forgotten to serve me and the guy opposite me dinner. They had served everyone else in the cabin and I had to call them over and when they arrived they looked shocked (like someone had stolen my food). I just hoped they still had some food at that point but fortunately they did.

We arrived in London at 6:30am and the weather was reasonably pleasant. By the time we were through passport control our bags were already coming off which was pretty impressive because we did all this in about 20 minutes.

I went to work for the day and Stephen and Lara caught up with their lack of overnight sleep (I found them all asleep when I got back to the flat this evening) but they also went to the British Museum. Stephen and Lara have studied Ancient Egypt this semester and so they only did the Ancient Egypt room to experience what they had learnt first hand.

IMG_0624This evening we went out for dinner at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden.  It was my birthday (if you didn’t wish me now I know you don’t care). I thought the food was pretty good and reasonably priced.  Between us we ate Bruschetta, Prosciutto & Melon (for starters) and then Lamb cutlets, scallops and liver & bacon (for mains) and finally cheesecake, sorbet and ice cream for desert. I thought it was pretty good. Stephen was complaining he didn’t get enough to eat. Lara was raising her eyebrow at him … I don’t think he picked up on the gentle hint.IMG_0626

We walked back from the restaurant to the flat (about 20 minute walk) and it was a really pleasant walk and lovely evening. There is really little to beat a summer evening in London. 9pm; still light; not too hot; not too cold and walking past South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column, St Martins on the Field, Whitehall, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, New Scotland Yard … how can you improve on that for Birthday (except of course having your whole family here and not having to work) …

Until tomorrow

P, S & L

2 thoughts on “Holiday for some, work for me

  1. Just catching up, you Temps.

    Thank you for the foodie details. Guessing Peter had the liver and bacon as Stephen and Lara are still waiting to be served. Looks yum.

    And 20 mins’ walk back to Victoria? I know that route well. I think you must have been going at Temple ( the Elder) Pace ( never mind Postman’s Pace, as we say). … The “Can I set the Olympic record for hoofing it across Schiphol airport in five minutes pace?”. Now I’m going to read Day 2.

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