Work continues, holiday continues
June 25, 2015

I was up at 6:30am this morning and surprised to find the bathroom occupied. My nephew (no Daniel not my favourite one) was already up. He is also staying in London with us at present and he had come in from San Francisco on Sunday and still seems to be jet-lagged. I didn’t see anyone else up by the time I headed for work.

I believe that Lara and Jason (my nephew) went for a run along the Thames and back to the flat. I say, I believe, because there is a little evidence of it occurring. Stephen (without much doubt) was still fast asleep. Stephen and Lara went shopping for 5 hours this afternoon. I doubt whether Lara has any money left after 5 hours (Bryan do you want me to advance her a line of credit?)

It was a beautiful, hot, humid day in London today. I know because the tube felt about 10 degrees warmer than usual and all the tourists were walking around in shorts. It is 9:25pm and it is still not dark and it is a lovely evening as well. This really is London at it’s best.

Stephen, Lara & Jason hawickedve all gone off this evening to watched Wicked (a musical). The theater is pretty close by (walking distance). The show started at 7:30pm.  The only evidence I have of them doing anything today is the photo of the stage before it started. They had researched the seats before they bought them and it suggested that short people should avoid the seats they bought – they bought them anyway it seems (hopefully Lara could see enough but at least she would have been able to hear it).

They did get back at about 10:30pm and seem to enjoy the show and said it is worthwhile seeing. Stephen’s first words were “I feel like I need to watch Wizard of Oz now”. Not words I was expecting him to say.

Sorry I forgot to push send last night before I went to bed.  Until later today …

P, S & L

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