London Day 3
June 25, 2015

WestminsterYes you guessed it – work for me and holiday for Stephen and Lara.  Another lovely day in London today. It must have been around 25 degrees and was sunshine the whole day.

Stephen, Lara and Jason went off to visit some markets today. They walked along the Thames and visited Borough Market and then Camden MarkSt James Parket. It seems they had a good day but not a lot of details from the 3 of them so I don’t have much say except post some of the pictures.

This evening we went for dinner near the flat as I had some work to do.  We had planned on going to one of the local pubs but given the nice weather, every English person was standing outside a pub this afternoon & evening. So we ended up at a Spanish Tapas restaurant. It is usually impossible to find at table at the restaurant but it seems everyone was at the pub tonight and so we easily got a table.IMG_0633

The rest of the family also left tonight for London. This is the first time that the other 2 under 18 kids of ours have traveled since SA introduced the ridiculous new tight travel laws.  I had done the necessary Affidavit to allow Helen to take the two of them out of the country and they have unabridged birth certificates as well. Helen says they were asked to show the necessary documents 4 times before they got on the plane. They really are cautious!

They are safely on the IMG_0634plane and according to Google the flight arrives in 7 hours 29 minutes from now and it should land 6:01am tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing them all and starting the holiday.  I will only see them later tomorrow as I have to be at work early.

Until tomorrow …

P, S & L (with H, M, C & O on route)

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