Vilamoura Day 5
March 30, 2016

Helen went for a run down to Quarteira which is the next town east from Vilamoura. The two towns really blend into one. Quarteira though has a boardwalk along the beach and lots of people go walking along it in the morning (and Helen say’s ‘old’ people). As she didn’t want to run back, Stephen and I drove down and picked her up (it is about 4 kms from our house) and then we stopped at a supermarket to buy some lunch items. This made the 5th supermarket we have visited in 5 days. The place is littered with supermarkets and we wonder how they all survive. None of them are particularly good either so they aren’t competing on range or quality even. We know of another 3 supermarkets within a few kms range from our house as well (just haven’t visited them yet during this trip).

IMG_1196After lunch we each went our separate ways. Michael and I headed to the golf course and then rest of them went to the Algarve Shopping Mall for another shopping trip. Michael and I played the Oceanico Victoria course. It is designed by Arnold Palmer (if you haven’t heard of him then I am shocked) and it is a regular championship course (hosts the Portuguese Masters) on the European PGA tour.  All of this should make you realise that Michael and I were going to struggle around this course – and struggle we did. Unfortunately we had to start on the back 9 which is really tough with 8 of the 9 holes having water on them. I managed to hit my ball into the water 4 times on the first 3 holes (but never once did I lose it). Not having played the course before we often ended up selecting the wrong club and the ball ended up running into the water at some point. Having now played it once, I would play it very differently the second time and I am sure I would do much better. It would also help to start on 1st and not the 10th (as we did) as the first 9 holes are much easier and you will get into a rhythm before playing the tough back 9.

As we only teed off at 2:50pm yesterday, we only got back home after 7pm and so it was late dinner (Portuguese roast chicken) and that was the day gone.

Until tomorrow … P, M (because he plays golf with me), H, S & C

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