Vilamoura Days 6 & 7
April 1, 2016

You might have wondered what happened to the blog but we basically did nothing 2 days ago and so there really wasn’t anything to write about. We had thought about going to visit Faro (as it is the number 1 attraction in the Algarve) but we all didn’t feel like doing anything in the end. The boys and I watched the first World Cup T20 semi-final and we did pretty much nothing else. Helen did go for a long run in late afternoon.

Yesterday Michael and I played our 3rd round of golf – this time back on our favourite course in the area (Millennium). The courses are quite busy at the moment so we ended up playing with a Scottish couple. We never really understood their names as they had such a broad accent. They came from north of Aberdeen and from time to time they could have been speaking another language for all that we managed to understand of what they said. They were very nice though and he was especially encouraging to Michael (whose golf improved because he listened to him – unlike what he does with my advice).

Helen and the other two went to do some final shopping for last night’s dinner. It was a relaxing two days and really what we needed I think. We do feel quite at home here now and could spend much longer here just doing what we did this time. I feel we could have easily spent another week here without any form of boredom setting in.

Until tomorrow … P, H, M, S, C (she deserves to be last for a reason)

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