Kruger Park Day 4
April 10, 2017

We did the loop around the rivers at Skukuza yesterday morning. That is meant to be the best road for game viewing in the KNP. My grandfather and father swore by it. Someone stole the game off the road though we reckon. Maybe it was ‘Game Capture’ by Guptas? It is very green and thick (no water shortage up here) and quite difficult to see anything unless it saunters across the road (like another hyena did as we headed back into camp). Besides the hyena the game viewing was disappointing though.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was consumed by sleeping for everyone except me. It is amazing how much sleeping gets done when we come to a game park. Must be the fresh air. At midday we left to fetch Michael from the airport – the last one to arrive.  That all went very smoothly and we were back united as a family again for the next 4 nights.

For the afternoon game drive we decided to head west toward the exit of the park – it was the one route we hadn’t yet taken. The game viewing was much better and we did see a reasonable amount of game but again nothing spectacular or special.

We got back to the camp a little earlier than expected and so went for a stroll along the river and ended up having a drink at the restaurant (which overlooks the river) and watched the sunset. Braai (as usual) for dinner followed by watching some Master’s golf and an early night.

P, H, S, M & C

PS: Someone asked for a link to the video of the elephant charging … I’ll try to upload it when I have good enough connection.

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