Kruger Park Day 5
April 11, 2017

Only the men headed out for the morning game yesterday with the ladies sleeping in. Unfortunately we didn’t see that much again (or at least nothing too exciting). It was overcast though again and so the birding wasn’t great. That was 3 out of 4 mornings overcast so far on the trip and that does not help for birding as the morning is definitely the best time to bird. When we turned to head back to the camp at the turn, there were numerous cars parked to the right and so we did a quick trip to see what they were looking at. It turned out to be a bird of prey eating a scrub hare in the middle of the road (see picture). Pretty impressive sighting.

We had to pack up and leave Skukuza yesterday as our next 3 nights are at Pretoriouskop Rest Camp. It is only about 50 kms to Pretoriouskop from Skukuza. You have to check out by 10am and you can only check in at 2pm. So we left at 10am and took a slow drive with all the detours to the various dams on route.  We still didn’t see a lot on this trip either except what seems to be the now daily occurrence of hyena on the road. We arrived at just after 12:30pm and still had time to kill so we ended up at the Wimpy (yes there is a Wimpy in the KNP) for lunch.

After we checked in everyone (again except me) seem to head for their beds and by 4pm it was only Stephen and I left to do the game drive for the evening. We drove the first 10kms and didn’t see anything – seriously where has all the game gone too?! We didn’t even see an Impala. There was some bird life at the dam we headed to but otherwise it was a pretty unsuccessful trip again. We briefly thought we had seen a lifer but unfortunately that turned out to be that I just hadn’t recorded it in the bird book yet as we had seen it last June during our Namibia leg of our holiday.

We skipped the braai last night and had a vegetarian pasta instead (thought of you Oli). No grater so Michael cut the cheese for the pasta into strips/blocks – when in a game park you make do with whatever you can. Given it was completely finished by the end of dinner and everyone had seconds, I guess it was quite a good dinner.

Until later today …

P, S (for being the only one to do the evening game drive with me), H, M & C

PS: Sign at Skukuza camp … why on earth shouldn’t you be able to lean on the posts?

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  1. Nice booty! Love the investigative photo journalism! This one beats the large lady with the supermarket trolley in the US of A a couple of years back!

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