Burley Street
April 7, 2018

My family (or at least some of them) complained that I failed to mention what we had for supper on Thursday night and so my blog was incomplete.  So here’s the completion: We had lamb shanks.  Now I can move on to yesterday!

Everyone got up at different times – Helen and I were up first (which is not unusual).  Helen decided to go for a run around the area.  At 8 degrees (feels like 2 degrees), I prefer to stay indoors.  After breakfast and after everyone had woken up, we (P, H, S & C) decided to walk into Burley village.  It is 1.5 km walk (1 mile). Unfortunately the biggest shop – the general dealer – was closed.  Probably taken his friends to the beach – seems to be a thing around here. There is a fudge shop though in the village and we did know about that so we ended up there – tasted and bought some fudge. We had scones and tea/coffee at one of the local tea rooms and then headed back to my parent’s home.

Stephen and I enjoy playing a particular strategy game called ‘Twilight Struggle’.  My niece’s husband (does that make him my nephew-in-law) introduced us to it. We had shipped another copy to my Dad’s house so that we could play while we were here and then the plan is to take it to Portugal (sorry Kirsten!) in July.  Stephen and I both like it because unlike most board games, the element of luck affects the game minimally.  What matters far more is your strategic thinking and planning.  It does take quite some time to play but the good is that you can play a few turns then leave it and come back and play some more.  After having played it on and off yesterday we are about 1/2 way through at the moment.  Stephen is currently winning but that is mainly because he has remembered more of the rules than I have which has definitely helped him (we haven’t played in well over a year).

Stephen and I have also managed to fit some work in during the rounds of the game; Chloe and Michael have both managed to do some studying and Helen had kept her crocheting going! Dinner last night was a braai – very unusual because Friday night is usually fish night at my parent’s home (for as long as I can remember we ate fish on Fridays!). Braai was Saturday night and so now my whole equilibrium is thrown off as I keep thinking it was Saturday yesterday and Sunday today. Probably take me a few weeks to get my rhythm back now.

The evening’s entertainment is The Master’s Golf tournament. Another two nights of that to come still!

Until tomorrow

P, H, S, C & M (because he didn’t join us on our walk to Burley)

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  1. Helen, I’m pleased to see that you’ve kept up your crocheting!! By the looks of the weather you could do with a blanket right now!!! Xx

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